Event Architecture Launches Eurodome Line of Portable Structures for Live Events


Available in a variety of sizes, the durable, lightweight dome structures were designed to be utilized at live events and experiences, including brand activations. The Eurodomes can also be branded inside and out, and Event Architecture’s in-house design team will customize the domes’ interiors to suit each client’s needs.


DALLAS—August 2, 2021Event Architecture, a provider of modular structures for live events and brand activations, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Eurodome product line, which debuted at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami, Florida. The sturdy, modular dome structures come in a variety of sizes and can be customized inside and out with branded graphics and build-to-suit interiors based on the client’s aesthetic and functional needs.


From the smaller 14- and 17-foot canopy domes to mid-sized 20- and 27-foot square domes to large 40- and 54-foot hexagonal domes, the portable structures work well for indoor and outdoor applications requiring a unique—enclosed or open—covered environment.


Built with a light and robust aluminum framework, the Eurodome mobile activation structures are rated to withstand up to 50 mph winds and were specifically engineered for efficiency in transport, installation, dismantle and storage. Even the largest 54-foot dome packs down into a single crate and can be set up in a few hours with a small crew and minimal I&D equipment.


According to Kevin Colis, Senior Sales Consultant at Event Architecture, “The Eurodomes work well for companies seeking a unique, branded look that won’t break the bank. When you combine the unlimited ways to brand and customize the domes with efficiencies in shipping, labor and storage, these mighty domes are tough to beat from a budgetary standpoint.”


The modular nature of the Eurodomes provides additional benefits. “We can connect the dome structures together, so you can actually build a village. The system’s innovative gutter system even allows you to connect smaller domes to the largest ones, so the sky is the limit in terms of developing a configuration that best suits a client’s needs,” Colis says.


Event Architecture’s in-house design and production team can handle any customization work an ad agency or end-user client requires. Depending on project goals, branded graphics, custom fabricated interiors and other functional assets can all be designed, built or sourced directly through Event Architecture.


As Colis explains, “Using our inhouse design and fabrication group, we can create virtually any type of interior experience or environment. When you combine our custom interior capabilities with the portability, modularity, diversity and brandability of our Eurodome line, you can expect a truly unique and affordable dome option that protects your bottom line, while delivering memorable and successful activations and events.”


To learn more about Event Architecture’s Eurodome line of portable dome event structures, contact Kevin Colis at (210) 202-1094 or visit