Pop-Up Patient Rooms Provide Healthcare Facilities with a Fast, Affordable Solution to COVID-19 Housing Needs


Within a matter of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered our way of life. Restaurants and movie theaters are closed, schools are on an indefinite break, and employers are encouraging employees to work from home. Even with these unprecedented restrictions, the number of U.S. citizens infected with COVID-19 is expected to grow. While it is impossible to predict the number of cases, some healthcare facilities may not have the accommodations to sequester a dramatic increase of infected individuals.

To help alleviate some of the potential strain on hospitals, emergency centers, and other healthcare facilities around the DFW area, Event Architecture has pop-up patient rooms available for rent, lease, or purchase.

According to a paper published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), at least 5 percent of Covid-19 patients may need intensive care, and many will require hospitalization for weeks.

Event Architecture’s Express Portable C delivers a state-of-the-art sleeping or resting experience that is perfect for patient overflow.


“Patients who are quarantined or need to be separated from the rest of a facility’s patients need a comfortable area with a bed, especially for an extended stay,” said Tim Bookout, the Director of Sales for Event Architecture. “Our Express Portable C pop-up structures are made for that purpose. They have lighting, are totally enclosed, and can be climate controlled.

“These structures can benefit healthcare facilities because they are easy to sterilize. In addition, they can be quickly moved with a forklift. So, if a facility has an area blocked out to handle additional patients or temporary patients, this is an ideal unit for that need.”

All Event Architecture’s Express Portable structures are comprised of sturdy, aluminum supports that are carefully engineered with stability and safety in mind. Once the frame is up, a double layer of coated fabric with a securely bonded trim, known as an AirCell, is fitted securely in aluminum framing channels. The AirCell is pressurized to create tension and durability, giving our buildings rigidity and strength. This also muffles external sound, protects from the weather, and helps maintain an internal temperature. With this unique engineering, the Express Portable C quickly sets up in about ten minutes just about anywhere extra room is needed.

“The front and back walls are hinged. So, you just set the walls in the hinges, put a few bars in place, insert and inflate the AirCell, and you’re up and running. Our Express Portable structures can be set up anywhere: outdoors or indoors. Inside a conference room, hallway, or parking structure or outside on a parking lot or lawn. They can be leveled easily in the field and placed in clusters or one at a time,” said Bookout.

Each Express Portable C is designed to accommodate two people comfortably. While that’s one too many when trying to isolate patients, it does mean there is plenty of room for healthcare personnel to perform examinations and provide care conveniently. Express Portable Cs are equipped with a lockable door and can be rigged with electricity for lighting and amenities. They are also completely weatherproof and can be outfitted with climate control systems.

“The original use for the Express Portable C structures was for multi-day music festivals, so people could have a nice, private place to sleep and hang out. However, we have found that these structures are perfect for any use when someone needs an enclosed area that can handle the elements,” said Bookout.

Additionally, because all of the Express Portable C’s surfaces are either hard plastic, laminate, or metal, they are very easy to clean with any sterile cleaner that a healthcare facility would typically use.

“Traditionally, we cleaned the structures like a tent, where the AirCell is hung, pressure washed, and scrubbed with soap and water. However, a healthcare facility can spray any sterilizer they would use to clean a patient’s room and use it on all surfaces, walls, floors, etc. Just spray and wipe it down,” said Bookout.

In addition to patient isolation and waiting areas, Event Architecture offers solutions for other emergency overflow needs. For example, our Express Portable A is perfect to use for overflow patient check-ins or information stations.


The Express Portable A features a window, hinged at the top, that can be used to interface with the public and securely locked when not in use. The interior of the Express Portable A can accommodate two individuals at the window comfortably and more in the back of the structure. Since this structure is also weatherproof and can be outfitted with climate control systems, it is ideal whenever people need to sit for a long time outside in the elements.

Event Architecture also has an excellent solution for additional registration, patient waiting areas, or temporary office spaces with our Express Portable B and BX.


The Express Portable B is the smaller of the two structures. It is designed to operate as a private workspace or as an area for private consultations. The Express Portable BX is larger and can accommodate three to four desks or a conference table. Both the Express Portable B and BX feature front and back panels that can be clear or opaque for privacy.

These structures are immediately available for rent, lease, or purchase, and we are proud to offer a complete turnkey service, including delivery and installation. We look forward to learning how we can help during this time of uncertainty.

For more information regarding features, dimensions, and options, please download our Express Portable C sales sheet or call Event Architecture at 972-323-9433.