CASE STUDY: 2019 EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge


EA’s 20-foot high, portable, event structure was designed for relaxing, networking and Fireside Chats

When Event Architecture had the opportunity to sponsor the Meeting Point Lounge at EXHIBITORLIVE for the second year running, we leapt at the chance. Exhibitor Media Group (EMG), publisher of the award-winning EXHIBITOR magazine, produces the annual event, a can’t-miss professional development conference for the trade show and event marketing industry.

According Tim Bookout, Director of Sales at Event Architecture, “EXHIBITORLIVE has long been the place for the best trade show and corporate event training and ground-breaking products. So, it’s the perfect environment for us to showcase the unique, temporary event structures we offer for indoor and outdoor experiential activations.”

The Meeting Point Lounge is located at the heart of the exhibit hall and serves as a prime gathering spot during the event. As Randy Acker, President & COO of Exhibitor Media Group explained in a release, “This unique lounge creates the perfect environment for our attendees to engage in one-on-one conversations or to simply take a moment to relax and plan their exhibit hall shopping experience in a quiet space without leaving the show floor.”

The lounge was also used to host two Fireside Chats, where author and EXHIBITOR editor Charles Pappas discussed his new book, “Flying Cars, Zombie Dogs, and Robot Overlords: How World’s Fairs and Trade Expos Changed the World.”

2019 ExhibitorLIVE-18.jpg

A commanding structure, with a different twist

EA decided to shake things up a little for EXHIBITORLIVE 2019. Unlike the 2018 Meeting Point Lounge, which featured an enclosed space on the first floor with a second-story deck structure, EA and EMG opted for an impressive 20’ high x 32’ wide x 16’ deep, single interior, enclosed event structure instead.

Since the lounge is always major hot spot at the show, the project provided the perfect opportunity to spotlight the soup-to-nut solutions EA offers for indoor and outdoor experiential activations.

Branding, functional features and GLAM all wrapped into one, stunning package

One of the biggest benefits EA’s modern, event structures offer is the ability to integrate branding into virtually every inch of the interior and exterior of the units. A variety of graphic treatments were used to ensure the EXHIBITORLIVE brand came through loud and clear.

2019 ExhibitorLIVE-23.jpg

Branded elements included custom graphic wraps and dimensional letter graphics on the exterior, as well as large, semi-transparent graphics of EXHIBITOR’s signature frog—adhered to the fascia—that could be seen from both the inside and out. “EXHIBITOR-orange” flooring—kicked up with a custom-printed logo—popped throughout the interior of the space.

From there, the EA design team really amped up the comfort, functionality and WOW factor of the space. Highlights included:

  • Comfortable seating inside and out, including elegant white chairs, couches and stools and EA’s super comfy, lightweight Smart Chairs.

  • Charging station counter with barstool seating.

  • Modern, functional tables throughout.

  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls on both ends, adhered with branded, vinyl graphics and set off by dramatic green, velvet drapes—WOW!

  • Contemporary accent lighting, including large, hanging globes and floor lights.

2019 ExhibitorLIVE-25.jpg

Attendees stopped by EA’s nearby booth to learn more about portable event structures

The EXHIBITORLIVE exhibit hall is also a terrific place for experiential solutions providers like Event Architecture to meet new prospects face-to-face. To capitalize on the Meeting Point Lounge sponsorship, EA rented booth space nearby.

EA’s line of portable structures for live events and experiences were featured prominently throughout the space—in miniature. To help visitors better visualize what the different units look like, 3-D mini models that were produced on EA’s 3-D printer were positioned throughout the space.

Fairly lights placed inside the models brought the structures to life. An enclosed, branded, product display box, with three side-by-side mini sleeping pods, set the scene for what private accommodations at an outdoor festival might look like.

“We’re always looking for fun ways to help experiential marketers envision how our mobile event structures could be used in different environments. Sponsoring and exhibiting at EXHIBITORLIVE allowed us to do so in a big way with the Meeting Point Lounge and in miniature with our 3-D models,” Bookout says.

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