CASE STUDY: RentPath at NAA Apartmentalize 2019


RentPath’s Award Winning Booth Features a 30’x16’ Temporary Meeting Space Provided by Event Architecture

In 2019, RentPath—a digital marketing solutions provider in the real estate space—engaged Event Architecture once again to help create a temporary meeting space for the National Apartment Association (NAA) Apartmentalize Education Conference & Expo. RentPath loved how Event Architecture’s modern, modular structures complemented its booth at the 2018 show but wanted to change things up in 2019.

Instead of using two separate side-by-side units as they did in 2018, RentPath’s Director of Creative Services & Events Frank Jones opted to go with a single, larger, 30’x16’ event structure that was divided by a custom-fabricated partition wall constructed of wood.

According to Jones, “In comparison, the singular unit activation was indeed an improvement over the two separate units rented as private meeting spaces in 2018. The visual appeal of having both front and rear windowed areas (with a doorway on the front side) added to the exclusivity of the space, which was intended for demonstrations and semi-private discussions with clients attending the trade show.”


RentPath’s Atlanta home base served as inspiration for the unit’s interior design

A chance meeting between Jones and Event Architecture Sales Consultant Kevin Colis at RentPath’s corporate headquarters in Atlanta was the catalyst that helped usher in the look of the portable meeting room interior.

“From that meeting, Event Architecture’s designers tailored the design of the interior, pulling cues from the RentPath office space and previous exhibits—adding pendant lighting, kiosk workstations, lattice partitions and leather seating surfaces throughout the space. A series of detailed 3-D renderings followed, which allowed event planners and executives here to visualize the space—almost to the letter, with very little deviation from the renderings once the activation was installed,” explains Jones

Creative collaboration between RentPath and Event Architecture has been key from day one. It was especially critical for the 2019 NAA activation because the meeting space design needed to integrate well with RentPath’s circus themed experience—The Renter’s Journey of Unfortunate Events—which took place in an island booth across the aisle. To help tie the two spaces together, a tiered overhead mobile was installed that extended from the center of the unit to the center of the 50’x50′ exhibit space.


According to Jones, “The mobile installation connected the two spaces visually—without being attached physically to either of the two RentPath exhibits. Hanging discs of varied sizes mimicked the white surface areas in the meeting space and created a cloud-like ‘thought bubble’ motif. This helped connect the whimsical carnival experience with the calm business-like environment in portable unit, where guests could undergo a more in-depth exploration of RentPath’s solutions. Additionally, the overhead mobile accented the circular medallions referenced in the graphics on the structure’s exterior and interior.”

Along with the thought bubbles, other design features were used to create a seamless transition between the two spaces. “Two 12’x5′ LED towers bookmarked the front side of the structure and complemented the experiential portion of the adjacent booth. This added movement at the entrance, enticing attendees to ‘complete’ the Renter’s Journey experience in the clean, modern environment Event Architecture helped create that was reminiscent of an urban apartment setting,” explains Jones.

For RentPath, Event Architecture’s exceptional customer support was the icing on the cake

When unforeseen circumstances prevented Jones from previewing the customized unit onsite at Event Architecture’s Carrollton warehouse, Colis took him there virtually. Event Architecture also collaborated with RentPath event planners remotely to prepare the unit’s wire management specifics (electrical and internet), which were crucial prior to completion of the booth build.


Jones was also appreciative of the hard work and attention to detail provided by Event Architecture’s onsite project supervisor Jose Cerda. “Jose was outstanding! He ensured the installation was completed well in advance, giving booth staff more time to complete the details in staging and necessary technical support prior to the show opening. With various components (LED structure and furniture) being newly integrated onsite, and not at the preview as originally intended, Jose replicated the environment as rendered and without issue,” Jones says.

The meeting space served as the conclusion to the compelling story started at RentPath’s award winning island booth

RentPath won Best in Show at NAA Apartmentalize for its circus-themed island booth, and Jones believes the portable meeting space played an important role in the successful multi-faceted activation. Says Jones, “Technically, the 50’x50′ RentPath booth was awarded ‘Best Island Booth’; however, the meeting space was an integral part of our recognition at NAA Apartmentalize, as it completed the story and also added the perfect garnish to a memorable exhibit experience.”

For his part, Colis looks forward to working with RentPath on future activations. “Frank Jones and his team at RentPath are terrific people to collaborate with because they always come up with such innovative ideas. They are very deserving of the Best in Show recognition for the activation at NAA Apartmentalize, and I was grateful to play a role in helping everything come together,” Colis says.

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RentPath, LLC

Overview:  Digital marketing solutions provider RentPath operates several real estate websites that help consumers find rental homes, ultimately driving leads for property management operators.

Industry: Real estate

Home Base: Atlanta, Georgia

Fun Fact: RentPath reaches nearly 9 million consumers monthly through its Apartment Guide,, and Lovely websites.