The OiO and OiOXL: Portable Offices You’ll be Proud to Use


We all lead busy lives. Fortunately, the OiO and OiOXL are exactly what you need for a private space to work on the go.

Sometimes it can be difficult – often impossible – to leave work behind.  Our devices can accomplish so much more than they used to be able to. Emailing, scheduling, and even teleconferencing can all be performed on a device that fits in your pocket.

Still, with as much as we can accomplish on our phones, they are no substitute for a fully stocked office. Sometimes you just need a place where you can shut the door and get some work done in peace and quiet — even when you are on the go.

There are countless reasons for a company to need some portable office space. There are industries that frequently require mobile offices, such as healthcare, education, retail, government, and construction. A sudden expansion is another reason. Often companies find that they have outgrown their existing space but are unable to immediately expand or secure a new permanent location. Finding the space, signing the contracts, getting the new location up to your standards, and moving all take time. So, bringing in some portable office buildings is the ideal solution.

However, in the past, your options haven’t been so pretty – literally. Most portable office structures are boxy, ugly buildings that have more in common with freight cars than attractive architecture.

That has changed thanks to the OiO and OiOXL, part of our line of mobile event structures. These portable structures are innovative and attention-grabbing. The design is so modern and impressive that eyes are naturally drawn to these buildings, and the exterior and interior can be completely branded so your company’s presence stands out even more.


Both the OiO and the OiOXL feature front and back panels that can be clear or opaque for privacy. The frame of these structures is enclosed with what’s known as an AirCell – a double layer of coated fabric that is pressurized to give the buildings stability and tension. The space between the AirCell is a natural insulator, which helps to create a productive working environment by blocking outside noise. It is also completely weatherproof. So, no matter where you set up, you’ll be protected from the elements.

The OiO is the smaller of the two. It is designed to operate as a private workspace for a single person or as an area for smaller, informal meetings. The OiOXL is larger and can accommodate three to four desks or a conference table to hold larger meetings.  

Fast and Easy Setup

It takes two people about 10 minutes to have an OiO completely put together. The OiO has a unique flat-pack, fold-up frame, which means it folds up from a completely flat structure. The floor easily clips into the frame with no nuts and bolts required. Once unfolded, the walls need to be braced so the AirCell can be secured to the frame.


The AirCell’s coated fabric membrane has edges that are sewn with a securely bonded trim that fits tightly in the aluminum framing channels. Then is it a simple matter of inflating the AirCell with a motorized pump, and you’re good to go. The pressurized AirCell creates tension that gives the OiO added rigidity and strength, so most deployments don’t require stabilizers, counterbalances, or ground fixing. The OiO can be set up nearly anywhere in a variety of different environments, including uneven surfaces like sand.

The frame is comprised of sturdy aluminum with an integrated galvanized steel floor system and front and back walls comprised of high-impact Trespa panels that can be outfitted with clear or tinted glazed sections. The front panel contains a sliding door for ease of access that can be securely locked for additional safety.

Fully Portable

When not in use, the OiO is designed so that several can easily be stacked on top of one another for storage and transportation with a forklift. In fact, up to 32 can fit on a truck, and eight can be stacked on a pallet. Although, a single OiO can be rolled around with a handcart.


Professional Appearance

If part of your business involves meeting with clients and colleagues, you likely don’t want it to look like you are holding meetings in a backyard shed. The OiO and OiOXL are mobile structures that you can be proud to show off to clients. In fact, they are quite the conversation starter – trust us, anyone you invite into an OiO will want to talk about it.

Comfortable Interior

The OiO and OiOXL can be outfitted however you wish. The flooring and interior walls can all be customized and designed to fit your exact needs and style. In addition, the structures can be fully outfitted with an electrical grid. That means the buildings can be brightly lit and climate controlled. Because the space between the AirCell is a natural insulator, maintaining the interior temperature is easy to regulate.


Cost Effective

The OiO and OiOXL are adaptable to many business applications, making them extremely flexible. Plus, if you decide to brand an AirCell to match your business’ style, that AirCell will last years. It’s likely that your branding needs will change before the AirCell wears out.

A Quick Fix

Depending on your exact needs, both the OiO and OiOXL can be on your site and ready to use in a matter of days. Of course, customizations and designing will add some time, but we are comfortable working under tight deadlines and will do everything in our power to achieve your goals. Comparatively, trying to rent some additional physical space or building from the ground up can take months.

Standard Kit

The following comes standard with all OiOs and OiOXLs:

  • Laminate flooring

  • Two 88.5” x 10.5” interior aluminum shelves

  • Aluminum frame with standard white paneling

  • One white AirCell

  • One door

With the OiO and OiOXL, working in a mobile office changes from a chore to a pleasure. To learn more about our portable offices or for information about our entire mobile event structures line, give Event Architecture a call at 972-323-9433.