Sell Your Goods Anywhere with the Eye-Catching and Easily Portable YumYum


If you are looking to sell merchandise from a portable structure that is easy to set up and take down, is eye-catching and looks great, is secure and weatherproof, and – if you wish – can also be heated and air-conditioned, the YumYum is your solution.

Everything has changed for retailers.

Technology has made it so the point-of-purchase can literally be anywhere. Your phone can accept credit cards – and contactless payments, like Apple Pay and Google Pay, have further simplified the process. Moreover, thanks to the flourishing pop-up scene, consumers are prepared – even expecting – to be provided goods at previously unlikely places, like parks and beaches.

All you need now is a structure, one that will grab someone’s eye and make them want to visit. Appearance is crucially important when selling outside at festivals and fairs or when creating pop ups in public areas. Have you ever been to an outdoor market and completely avoided a seller not because of the merchandise but because of the structure? Bent legs, ripped canvas, rusty metal, shoddy frames, and wonky tops, these are all possibilities for outdoor retailers thanks to the wear and tear their structures experience from repeated use and exposure to the elements.

Attractive, Modern Design

Hitting the road to sell merchandise is a tough gig, and those structures see a lot of action. Often, many promises are made to a retailer that a structure just can’t deliver. You’ll be promised that something is easy to set up when it is anything but. You’ll be promised that a structure will last years, and it only makes it a couple of months. The YumYum is the solution to these issues.

The YumYum is part of our line of mobile event structures, and there are literally no other portable buildings like them. If you are looking for a kiosk-type structure to sell merchandise or food and beverages, the YumYum is the ideal solution. It immediately solves the appearance problem because its contemporary design is innovative and eye-catching, and it looks unlike any other event structure.


The YumYum features a window, hinged at the top, that can be raised to sell products and interact with the public. The 8’x8’ interior is exceptionally roomy, able to comfortably hold two employees and plenty of inventory and small machinery (like frozen drink machines, small refrigerators and freezers, etc.). In addition, the exterior and interior can be completely branded to ensure that your sales efforts are easily spotted from a distance and stand out from the other merchants. YumYums deliver an impressive alternative to the sea of tents and shipping containers that dot most festivals and events.

Retail Possibilities

Merchandise Sales

With its public-facing, hinge-up window, the YumYum was designed to accommodate merchandise sales. The standard package comes with two 88.5” x 10.5” aluminum shelves that run the length of the interior for display purposes, and more can be added as needed. There’s plenty of room for both employees and merchandise.

With the YumYum, you don’t have to worry about your sales (or other) devices running out of power because two USB charging ports are included as part of the standard package. Also, you don’t have to worry about closing up shop when the sun goes down thanks to the interior LED lighting.

If you need to leave the YumYum unattended for a few moments or set up overnight (or several nights), both the hinge-up window and entrance can be locked up tight.

Food and Beverage Sales

With a hinge-up window that harkens back to old-school food vendors, the YumYum is ideal for food and beverage sales. There’s plenty of room under the floor for an electrical grid, so refrigerators, mixers, warmers, frozen drink machines, and more can all be accommodated.

XLIVE 2017-90.jpg

You can even create an instant café by setting up some Smart Chairs and tables in front of the YumYum. These chairs are inflatable and can be ready for use in less than 60 seconds. Smart Chairs are comprised of durable, weatherproof materials that feel like real leather and designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. Unlike fabric holstered chairs, cleanup is not a concern. No matter what hits the seat – red wine, mud, snow, mustard, cheese, etc. – these worry-free Smart Chairs repel the elements and food and beverage spills.

Ticket Sales / Information Booth / Registration Area

Keep your staff out of the sun, rain, wind, and any other weather possibilities. Anywhere that people would typically need to sit in the elements for an extended period, the YumYum can help to protect them from exposure. Plus, due to the space under the floor that can accommodate an electric grid, the structure can be heated or cooled, as needed. The interior temperature is easy to regulate because the space between the AirCell is a natural insulator (it also helps to block outside noise).

Place one or two YumYums at the entrance to an event and the structures become the ideal ticket selling or registration location. Set one in the middle of an event to serve as an information booth. These are all essential aspects of an event, and thanks to the fully brandable AirCell, it will be nearly impossible for an attendee to overlook

Fast and Easy Setup

It takes two people about 10 minutes to have a YumYum completely put together. The YumYum has a unique flat-pack, fold-up frame, which means it folds up from a completely flat structure. The floor easily clips into the frame with no nuts and bolts required. Once unfolded, the walls need to be braced so the AirCell can be secured to the frame.

The AirCell is a double layer of coated fabric membrane. Its edges are sewn with a securely bonded trim that fits tightly in the aluminum framing channels. Then is it a simple matter of inflating the AirCell with a motorized pump, and you’re good to go. The pressurized AirCell creates tension that gives the YumYum added rigidity and strength, so most deployments don’t require stabilizers, counterbalances, or ground fixing.


When flat, the YumYum is designed so that several can easily be stacked on top of one another for storage and transportation with a forklift. In fact, up to 32 can fit on a truck, and eight can be stacked on a pallet. A single YumYum can be rolled around with a handcart.

The frame is comprised of sturdy aluminum with an integrated galvanized steel floor system and front and back walls comprised of high-impact Trespa panels that can be outfitted with clear or tinted glazed sections. The front panel contains the hinge-up window while the back has a lockable sliding door for ease of access.

Standard Kit

The following comes standard with all YumYums:

  • Laminate flooring

  • Two 88.5” x 10.5” interior aluminum shelves

  • LED mood lighting

  • Two USB charging ports

  • Aluminum frame with standard white paneling

  • One white AirCell

  • Hinge-up serving window with lock

Selling goods on the go can be very lucrative, but it certainly helps to have every advantage possible. The YumYum provides that advantage through its iconic look and ability to be branded on all sides of the structure. If you would like to learn more about the YumYum or our entire line of mobile structures, give Event Architecture a call at 972-323-9433.