Event Architecture Returned to EXHIBITORLIVE Bigger and Bolder


Last year at the 2018 EXHIBITORLIVE conference, Event Architecture partnered with Exhibitor Media Group to create the “EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge.” It was an environment designed as a space for attendees to be able to get away from the commotion of the show floor and relax, quietly network together, or merely take a much-needed break. So, for the 2019 conference, we wanted the EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge to really stand out from the crowd.

“The EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge was a great new addition to the attendee experience in 2018, and we are excited that Event Architecture will once again bring it to life in 2019,” said Randy Acker, President and Chief Operating Officer of Exhibitor Media Group.

This year, we returned to the exhibition hall floor in a big way – literally – by hosting the EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge in our 20-foot-tall XPODH.

2019 ExhibitorLIVE-18.jpg

“Last year we showcased the XPO with an xDek, so this year we wanted to do something different and highlight the XPODH. They both make quite an impression. In fact, our entire line of mobile event structures is ideal for live events because their unique look makes them stand out from the crowd, and they work equally well indoors and outdoors,” said Stephanie Chavez, Director of Marketing for Event Architecture.

“Walking inside an XPODH is a truly remarkable experience, with its 20-foot-high ceiling. And there’s so much room to decorate and really make the space your own. We had carpeted flooring, two mirror walls, curtains, and plenty of comfortable chairs and tables, and some eye-catching light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. It’s just such a welcome and cool space to walk into.”

The XPODH features a durable, modern design, climate control options, and branding opportunities inside and out from floor to ceiling. It was the perfect setting for the EXHIBOTORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge because the doors could be closed, which basically shut out the hustle and bustle of the show thanks to the pressurized air cell walls.

The peace and quiet were especially useful when it came time for EXHIBITORLIVE Editor Charles Pappas to host two Fireside Chats discussing the launch of his new book, “Flying Cars, Zombie Dogs, and Robot Overlords: How World’s Fairs and Trade Expos Changed the World.”

“EXHIBITORLIVE attendees loved the Meeting Point Lounge,” said Chavez. “I heard someone say, ‘This is the best-kept secret of EXHIBITOR.’ People would come in and use it for meetings, to knock out a few emails or just relax. We had charging stations by the counters, you could just sit, it was quiet, you could make phone calls, you could power up your computer and work a little bit at the work stations. It was just a nice, comfortable place to chill for a little bit.”

EXHIBITORLIVE is an annual event for trade show and event marketing professionals. This year’s conference was held February 25-27 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, where the exhibit hall featured the largest exhibition of trade show and event suppliers.  

2019 ExhibitorLIVE-24.jpg

“EXHIBITORLIVE has long been the place for the best trade show and corporate event training and ground-breaking products. We are excited to be included in EXHIBITORLIVE‘s increased commitment to professionals involved in outdoor activations and events as marketing dollars continue to shift away from traditional media and into experiential engagements.” Said Tim Bookout, Director of Sales at Event Architecture.

In addition to sponsoring and providing the structure for the EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge, we also had an exhibit space that highlighted the latest and greatest of what we have to offer. In fact, we received a delightful surprise from the show itself when we were honored as one of six finalists for the Best of Show Small Booth Award.

2019 ExhibitorLIVE-8.jpg

“The display was a METALLI Bari, designed and produced by The Trade Group. It’s a really striking display because the backwall has rounded corners,” said Chavez. “Most exhibits, especially for 10’x10’ backwalls, are square or rectangle. What made it such a great fit for Event Architecture is the fact that those rounded corners mimic the look of our mobile event structures. It was a perfect fit, and we’re delighted that it was selected as a finalist in the Small Booth category.”

The backwall of our exhibit featured one of our LED transparent product boxes. This display case allows people to view an actual product that’s featured behind a translucent LED touchscreen. People see digital content on the screen and the actual product in the case. At EXHIBITORLIVE, we featured small models of a Snoozy that we created with our 3D printer.

We also had 3D printed models of products from our Xpress line and Expo line on display, each lit from the inside with battery-operated fairy lights.

2019 ExhibitorLIVE-10.jpg

The display was completed with one of our innovative Smart Chairs. Smart Chairs are inflatable seats that are designed for comfort and ergonomics. The chairs a great for indoor and outdoor use because, unlike fabric holstered chairs, these worry-free Smart Chairs repel food and beverage spills and can weather the elements. Plus, the chairs are lightweight and convenient, with each chair weighing only 8.8 pounds, and they can be fully inflated in under a minute using an air compressor.

Once again, our time at EXHIBITORLIVE was a complete success. Our booth was a hit, and we gave attendees some much-needed rest at the EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge. We can’t wait to see what next year’s show will have in store.

“EXHIBITORLIVE went very well. There was a lot of interest in our products as well as our display. We even had one client stop by who rented two XPOs last year for a show indoors. This year, they want to do something even bigger and better, so they came out to the show just to see the XPODH in action,” said Chavez.  

“The market has really been a success. If you are trying to make an impact and stand out at a show or event, one of our products from the Expo line is definitely the way to do that.”

To learn more about Event Architecture and how our portable event structures can make a significant impression at your next trade show or event, give us a call at 972-323-9433.