CASE STUDY: RentPath at NAA Apartmentalize 2018


EA Transforms Two XPO Modular Structures into VIP Lounges for Relaxation, Product Demos and Closing Business

When RentPath decided to become a sponsor of the 2018 NAA (National Apartment Association) Apartmentalize Education Conference & Expo in San Diego, the company knew it wanted to create a unique activation for the event – something that had never been seen before.

At the time, Frank Jones, RentPath’s Director of Creative Services & Events, was on a quest to find a unique solution for an “exclusive” meeting space – in lieu of the standard four-walled meeting spaces offered by NAA. As he explains, “NAA presented exhibitors with cavernous meeting rooms in 10’x10′, 10’x20′ and 20’x20′ hard wall configurations aligned across the rear of the exhibit hall.

Since RentPath secured two of the larger spaces as an additional sponsorship, I simply requested permission to create our own space within the guidelines shared by exhibitors and event sponsors.”

A chance meeting brings RentPath and EA together

 By happenstance, Jones encountered an XPO6 and xDek VIP space that Event Architecture had created for EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 – the Meeting Point Lounge. “Fortunately for me, I attended the 2018 EXHIBITORLIVE Conference where the XPO unit made its debut (four months prior to NAA), and I knew immediately my dilemma was solved,” explains Jones.

 The XPOs are ideal for companies like RentPath that want to stand out at live events because the units look semi-permanent, while offering the benefit of portability. It’s also easy to customize the mobile structures with branded graphics, signage, flooring, furnishings and more. Plus, the units can be fitted with electrical and climate control, meeting both functional and comfort needs.


Collaboration between EA and RentPath was key to the activation’s success

Once he homed in on the XPO as a solution for the activation at NAA, Jones’ biggest challenge was in securing approval – from both the association and the RentPath leadership team – to execute his plan and the vision. Fortunately, he received the green light from both.

 His next step was to reach out to Event Architecture Sales Consultant Kevin Colis to get the ball rolling. After weighing various options, Jones decided to go with two, side-by-side VIP lounges using EA’s XPO6x5 modern architectural structures.

According to Colis, “From the beginning, RentPath’s NAA activation was a very collaborative process. They had a specific vision in mind for the lounges, both from a branding standpoint and the sleek, hip, upscale, urban design vibe that would resonate with its younger target audience. We worked hand-in-hand with RentPath to execute that vision.”

When branding, on-point design and functional features meet

 While both XPOs were designated as VIP lounges, each served a different purpose. Guests could use the first lounge as a place to kick back, recharge or hold an informal meeting. The second lounge was the place where RentPath reps could facilitate more formal meetings and close business.

 From a design perspective, both spaces were fitted with features that delivered the hip, upscale, urban feel RentPath wanted to achieve. To accomplish that goal, EA installed faux brick walls in the back of the space, along with faux wood, rollable vinyl flex flooring and accent lighting.

 Modern seating and a unique, wood and glass table chosen by RentPath reinforced the upscale vibe in the informal meeting space. Functional counters, bar stools and laptops were installed in the more formal VIP lounge.

 Branded artwork provided by RentPath was utilized in several graphic treatments that EA printed and fabricated for the activation. Vinyl wraps were custom printed and adhered to the exteriors of both XPOs. EA also printed vertical hanging graphics for the interior, as well as a large, branded, acrylic graphic that was placed on the back wall of the informal lounge space.

 Together, EA and RentPath were able to create two one-of-a-kind spaces that met RentPath’s branding and functional goals. According to Jones, “Product demos were conducted in each of the ‘pods’ branded as RentPath VIP lounges – separate from its primary 50’x30′ exhibit. The attractive displays allowed RentPath to conduct and close business, while buffering attendees from the noise of a crowded exhibit environment in a private retreat.”

Mission Accomplished: Stand out activation achieved!

 When we asked Jones if the dual XPO activation met his expectations, his answer was a resounding, yes. As he explains, “So nice, we rented it twice … at the same show! The XPO system was a clear winner for RentPath at the 2018 NAA Apartmentalize show. While the conference offered exhibitors optional meeting spaces on the show floor, RentPath stood out with beautifully modern, climate-controlled environments that were also the buzz at NAA.”

Jones also credits Colis for facilitating a seamless experience for RentPath. Says Jones, “Kevin paired me and my team with Event Architecture’s professionals in a production, preview and execution process that was seamless – beginning to end. I’d recommend Event Architecture’s Expo line to any exhibitor looking to promote its brand and exclusivity in a competitive marketplace.”


Need a stand out activation for an upcoming event?

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