10 Gift Ideas for the Event Planner in Your Life

Picture a lake. Most of the time, the surface of the water is calm. Yet, just below the lake is teeming with activity that’s always in motion, never stopping.

That’s what it’s like to be an event planner. Calm on the surface, their mind is constantly working on how to hit the next deadline and troubleshoot the latest issue.

So, what does a busy event planner need? A break. If you are thinking about buying a gift for the event planner in your life, consider something that will make their life a little easier.

Multi-Port Adapter

Anyone who purchased a new laptop has likely encountered the latest connector to enter our lives: USB-C. One day, the goal is for USB-C to become the industry standard for everything: laptops, phones, mobile devices, external hard drives, printers, and all the rest, so we don’t have to lug around so many cables.

Until that glorious (and, so far, mythical) day, we have to lug around so many cables – and USB-C is only complicating the matter by requiring several adapters just to use those cables with a laptop.

You can lessen the burden for your event planner with the gift of a multi-port adapter. A single device can do the job of multiple lone adapters and may be a lifesaver when the inevitable question of, “Do you have an adaptor for this?” is asked mid-show. Try to find one that has a variety of ports (ethernet, HDMI, USB-A, etc.) because, at some point, they will all be needed.

Electronics Organizer Travel Case

Since event planners are stuck lugging around several charging and connecting cables for the next few years, at least their lives can be a little easier with an electronics organizer travel case. These cases feature individual slots for multiple cords, chargers, and power adapters. Many have spaces for phones and tablets, also.

Instead of scrambling through a case looking for the right cord and fighting to untangle it before finally being able to use it, this case makes every cord and adapter easy to find and use quickly.

External Charging Options

A mobile phone is like oxygen for an event planner. That’s why it is essential to ensure it remains charged throughout the day.

Now, most event planners have received scores of branded external batteries from past events. These external batteries are great, except they kind of stink, too. They’re great when they work. However, they are notorious for suddenly dying and becoming the literal bricks they once merely resembled.

Give your event planner some reliable portable charging options. Instead of those cheapo external batteries, spring for a high-end option. Many of these chargers are thinner and are more reliable than their swag bag kin. It is even possible to find solar-powered options, so, as long as the sun is out, the portable charger won’t lose its ability to provide power.

Fitness Tracker

During an event, planners are constantly on the go bouncing from one activity to another. If your event planner has yet to jump on the fitness tracker train, it makes an ideal gift. A fitness tracker can count the number of steps taken in a day, measure workouts, and measure burned calories. It’s the perfect gift to highlight what event planners have always known – they take thousands of steps during an event.


Portable Wi-Fi Devices

Finding an internet connection while traveling can be extremely frustrating. Ensure that your event planner is never without a connection again with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Most of these devices small and lightweight, so they are not a burden when traveling.

Portable Wi-Fi devices need an active SIM card to operate. Some come “locked,” meaning they only work with a specific carrier’s SIM card. However, it is possible to find “unlocked” devices that will work with any carrier. Unlocked devices are especially useful when traveling overseas because it is possible to use a SIM card from a local carrier, which avoids roaming charges and can lead to significant cost savings.

Portable Safe

Since they are always on the go, event planners need to be light on their feet and not weighed down by a bunch of items. However, at an event with hundreds of people, if you leave something valuable lying around, there’s a good chance it won’t be there when you return. It may not even be intentional theft, sunglasses and jackets are mistakenly taken all the time and may not be noticed until it is too late.

Help your event planner protect their valuables and avoid accidental (and not-so-accidental) losses with a portable safe. These lightweight lockboxes provide the perfect storage solution for wallets, keys, sunglasses, rings, watches, and most other compact valuables. Also, there’s no need to worry about someone running off with the safe. Part of the locking mechanism involves fastening the safe to a secure fixture, such as a railing or bench. There’s no way a thief will be able to slip away with it quickly.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Whether surrounded by noisy travelers or waiting in a crowded, back-of-house area, it is often hard for an event planner to concentrate on work or find the ability to decompress. That’s where an effective pair of noise-canceling headphones is beneficial. These headphones allow planners to tune out the rest of the world and focus on the task at hand, whether that’s whipping up a social media marketing plan or indulging in 10 minutes of well-earned meditation.

Wrinkle Preventers and Removers

There are few ways better to ensure that clothes become wrinkled than traveling. Whether you’re wearing them or they’re squished in a suitcase, it is difficult to keep those business clothes looking presentable. The gift of a garment bag can be a traveling lifesaver. Designed to hold clothes so they stay neat and wrinkle-free, garment bags also fold into easily portable luggage. Some even wrap so tight they are allowed as carry-on luggage.

If you’re not comfortable buying luggage for someone else, it is still possible to help them keep wrinkles at bay. A portable steamer is a quick way to knock the wrinkles out of any outfit. They are easy to use and ready to go in just a few minutes, so you can get rid of wrinkles that went unnoticed until you’re heading out the door.

A Subscription to an Audiobook Platform

Hurrying from plane to plane, rushing around in a rented car, hustling from the event site to a hotel room: these activities are not conducive to keeping up with a good book. A subscription to an audiobook platform will ensure that your event planner is never far from their favorite novel (or whatever they happen to be enjoying at the moment).

The most well-known platform is one that’s owned by an ecommerce behemoth. However, there are available alternatives. Shop around, and you may find one that provides more value for both you and your event planner.

Fancy Lanyards

At first, a lanyard may not seem like a great gift. After all, event planners have worn every variety of scratchy, cumbersome, branded lanyard to display their name, credentials, and security passes throughout their career. If there is one thing every lanyard has in common, it’s a distinct lack of personality.

Give your event planner the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and have a little fun with a decorative lanyard. There are a variety of options available, ranging from colorful fabric to bedazzled with rhinestones. Nothing says, “I rule the show floor” more than being the one with a personalized lanyard.