CASE STUDY: Event Architecture’s XPO & xDek Steal the Show at the EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge


February 25-March 1, 2018 – Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

Event Architecture was delighted to sponsor the Meeting Point Lounge at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 – the most highly attended exhibition for trade show and event marketers in the United States. The opportunity to sponsor the space came about after Randy Acker, President and COO of Exhibitor Media Group, happened upon the line of Fast Architecture at EuroShop 2017.

Acker knew modular structures could be a great solution for event marketers, as well as supply-side vendors that help execute events, so he wanted to bring them to EXHIBITORLIVE. When he found out that Event Architecture was the exclusive distributor of modular structures in the United States, he invited Event Architecture to feature the line at the event’s Meeting Point Lounge.

As Acker explains, “Over two-thirds of our attendees are corporate marketers who attend EXHIBITORLIVE or read EXHIBITOR Magazine, and they are now responsible for more and more corporate events in their marketing mix. When I saw the modular systems in Dusseldorf, I called Event Architecture and said, ‘You need to bring one of the systems to EXHIBITORLIVE.’

The can’t-miss, fast and flexible solution for live events

Event Architecture was happy to honor Acker’s sponsorship invitation and brought both a XPO and XDek structure to create the EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge at the event. The Meeting Point Lounge is the premier networking spot at EXHIBITORLIVE, so the sponsorship – along with Event Architecture’s booth being adjacent to the space – provided an ideal opportunity to show attendees what Event Architecture is all about.

The modular buildings truly bring a unique, multi-faceted solution to the table that has never been seen before. The portable 20’Wx16’Dx16H’ XPO, which was used to create the EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge, features a durable, modern design comprised of sturdy, aluminum supports and a double layer of coated fabric, which is pressurized to create tension. The sturdy steel and aluminum xDek is a freestanding deck with a rooftop terrace that was positioned above the XPO at the event.

What really sets Event Architecture apart from traditional solutions is the fact that Event Architecture structures look like semi-permanent, custom buildings, while offering the benefit of portability.

“There is no other solution in the market that is so versatile. Not only can the units be completely customized with branded graphics, the inflatable AirCells that surround the structures and the aluminum supports compact down nicely for transport. Plus, since semi-permanent buildings are modular in nature, nearly any size – big or small – can be accommodated,” says Stephanie Chavez, Marketing Director at Event Architecture.

The structures works equally well indoors and outdoors, too. The units can be equipped with climate control, electrical, A/V equipment, choice of flooring, accent lighting and more – which makes them ideal for trade shows, festivals, brand activations and VIP events.

Bringing the Meeting Point Lounge to life

Another key benefit of Event Architecture’s line is that it’s easy to customize the structures with fabric wraps and other graphics. This is evidenced in the design Event Architecture created for the EXHIBITORLIVE Meeting Point Lounge. The XPO and xDek featured EXHIBITORLIVE branding at every turn. Highlights include:

  • Custom fabric graphics on the interior walls and the exterior sides of the XPo.
  • Large fabric graphic extending from the top of the xDek to the floor.
  • Vinyl graphics adhered to the unit’s Plexiglas doors and windows.
  • Large, elevated, EXHIBITORLIVE sign to further elevate the space.
  • Comfortable Smart Chair seating, bar stools, tables and workstations.
  • An awesome view of the exhibit hall from the xDek’s rooftop terrace.

A resounding success for EXHIBITORLIVE and Event Architecture

According to Chavez, “The space was very popular, and visitors thought the lounge was really unique. People loved having a place to network, catch up on phone calls and emails and simply hang out, so there was a lot of activity. Event Architecture’s booth was right across from the lounge, which helped generate a lot of traffic and a high level of interest,” says Chavez.

Attendees who wanted to learn more about the modular structures could stop by the Event Architecture booth to speak with a sales consultant about the line and available options. Event Architecture also featured miniature, 3-D models of past activations at their booth, so visitors could get a better idea of the many options available with Event Architecture.

Need a versatile, one-of-a-kind solution for your next live event?

Modular structures come in an endless array of sizes with unlimited customization options. Contact an Event Architecture sales consultant at 972-323-9433 to discuss the possibilities today.


EXHIBITORLIVE is EXHIBITOR Magazine’s annual conference that features products, services, education and engagement opportunities for exhibit and event managers, marketing experts and communications specialists. An estimated 6,000 people attend the event each year.

FUN FACT: According to Exhibitor Media Group, EXHIBITORLIVE is the most highly attended and recommended learning event for trade show and event marketing professionals, with a 30-year track record of excellence.

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