CASE STUDY: Park Place Dealerships – Luxury & Supercar Showcase 2018

Customized OiOXL & OiO Mobile Structures & Mobile Activation Unit Promote Luxury Auto Brands

In the fall of 2018, Event Architecture was pleased to return as a sponsor of Park Place Dealerships’ Luxury & Supercar Showcase. The annual event – held at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Irving, Texas – raises funds to benefit the Momentous Institute, a charitable organization that works diligently to build and repair the social and emotional health of children.

Along with supporting Momentous Institute, Dallas-based Park Place uses the event to feature the numerous luxury automobile brands it represents. Brands include Maserati, Volvo, Porsche, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Lexus, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Bentley. Fortunately, Event Architecture (EA) knows a thing or two about helping brands shine bright – and luxuriously – at live events.

Bigger, better and even more luxurious in 2018 – and turnkey, too

Event Architecture originally came on board as a Luxury & Supercar Showcase sponsor in 2017, when Park Place launched the event. Along with providing three branded, modular structures – one XPO6x10 and two OiOs – EA supplied branded tents that represented each of the different auto manufacturers that first year.

Park Place loved the upscale feel EA was able to achieve with the modular structures, so they asked if EA could replace the branded tents with OiOXLs for the automakers in 2018. Event Architecture heartily agreed to donate 12 OiOXLs, as well as two smaller OiOs for Park Place Select subscription service and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, another sponsor of the event.

2018 Park Place-8-sized.jpg

Along with providing the structures, EA donated design and printing services, as well as all of the furniture, technology and accessories needed to create the upscale experience Park Place desired. The EA team also handled all of the installation and dismantle duties and was on hand during the entire event to support the client’s every need.

Modern mobile structures with branding, bells, whistles and a high-end vibe

Since the event is all about the luxury lifestyle and auto brands, it was essential for EA’s design team to create an upscale vibe in, on and around the mobile structures.

Along with the large, exterior branded fabric graphic wraps, each unit was customized with branded interior mounted graphics, decorative lighting, bistro seating, custom flooring and large video monitors with looping content. For the outside space surrounding most units, the EA team installed decking, custom branded planters, seating areas with inflatable Smart Chairs and umbrellas.

2018 Park Place-8-sized.jpg

EA structures save the day when rain won’t go away and privacy is a must

The innovative construction of EA’s modern mobile structures really paid off during extended rainy periods at the Park Place event. The sturdy, contemporary structures feature a signature, pressurized AirCell wrap, so Park Place reps and guests could escape the elements and dry out inside the units for a few minutes.

Since the OiOXL and OiO’s also come with sliding doors, occupants could feel comfortable having a private conversation about a potential luxury car purchase or simply escape the noisy environment that often occurs at live events.

2018 Park Place-7-sized.jpg

Bentley Motors Mobile Activation Unit (MAU) makes its debut

Park Place also unveiled its new Bentley Motors Mobile Activation Unit at the event, an upscale mobile trailer that EA customized with branded graphics, banners and a custom interior. The EA design team really pulled out all of the stops for the interior of the MAU, ultimately creating a space with the same look and feel of a Bentley auto showroom.

The elegant, welcoming exterior of the Bentley MAU features a modular porch that easily folds down upon arrival at its destination. EA’s design team added faux brick flooring, comfortable Smart Chair seating and greenery to amp up the high-end feel outside. Since Park Place purchased the Bentley MAU from EA, they look forward to featuring the unit at future events and activations as well.

2018 Park Place-49-sized.jpg

Another successful event for Park Place, with big plans for the future

The Momentous Institute was gifted a brand new 2018 12-passenger Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van valued at $55,000.00, from Park Place. Along with raising awareness for Momentous Institute, Park Place really wanted to show appreciation for the brands they support and do so in a modern and elegant way. Replacing the tents with EA’s mobile structures gave the event a more current and cutting edge feel, which is important to the brands Park Place represents.

Park Place also has big plans for the event in the future. Along with putting on a fantastic luxury car show, they view it as an exciting, luxury event as well – a Pebble Beach of the south, if you will. Event Architecture looks forward to supporting this worthwhile event again as it continues to grow.

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Park Place Dealerships Luxury & Supercar Showcase

About: The Luxury & Supercar Showcase was launched by Park Place Dealerships in 2017 to raise funds for Momentous Institute and showcase the luxury auto brands Park Place represents.

Location: Four Seasons Resort and Club, Irving, Texas

Fun Fact: Luxury abounded at the event. Guests can also take in a Collectors’ Concours Invitational Car Show, Car Club Showcase, fashion show, Kid’s Zone, life-size LEGO® McLaren 720S, live entertainment and refreshments.

Want to attend? Get your tickets early – the event has sold out two years in a row.

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